Treat yourself to some flavor. Flavor 107.

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Hand made in San Antonio, Texas USA



Big on Flavor

Flavor 107 is a Spanish influenced Southern style salsa. It is big on flavor, not on heat. Simple ingredients, treated with respect. Ripe chile peppers, vinegar, freshly squeezed citrus juice, local Texas honey, Kosher salt & Non-GMO Xanthan as a shelf stabilizer. All natural, gluten free & vegetarian. One superior sauce. Ridiculously Righteous Red Sauce. Flavor 107. Hand made in San Antonio Texas. New Southern Kitchen. We call it home. Try some real flavor, Flavor 107.

Chef Jay Shutts is proud to offer a Chef driven product with a blue collar price tag.

Having grown up on the Southeastern sea islands of Georgia he was exposed to the bounty of the sea and land from an early age. Combined with his 20 plus years in the Culinary Arts, seasonal freshness and quality are standards that he stands behind. Over the years his adventures have taken him on both a culinary and personal journey. He has cultivated a love for the many regional flavors that he has encountered and longed for one that balanced both where he was raised and also where his heart led him to...Texas. Chef Jay's cooking is best described as new southern cooking, delicately blending Southern United States styles with Spanish influences of the Latino and Caribbean cultures. This style of cooking is where Flavor 107 was born.

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Currently you are able to purchase Flavor 107 online or locally here in the Alamo City. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to find out where we are selling this ridiculously righteous red sauce!

$5.00 for (1) 8 oz. bottle

simple ingredients

People who are new to this ridiculously righteous red sauce always ask me, " What does Flavor 107 go on? " Well, it goes great on barbacoa, smoked pork, slow cooked brisket, eggs, pizza, fish, ceviches, oysters, fried fish, grilled cheese, egg rolls, deviled eggs, French Fries, tacos, fried rice, soups, sushi, alcapurrias, ribs...I guess the better question is, what doesnt Flavor 107 go great on? So far we have only found one thing that isnt too hot with cream. You let us know what you put it on!

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We know you love flavor as much as we do and we know that you want it fast. That's why we offer the lowest shipping rates without it being free. Priority mail will get you your flavor in 1-3 business days. Our best offer is six bottles for the low shipping cost of $6.10.
(Which is almost $1.00 per bottle!)